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AI Art (Premium)

Like many of you, I’m experimenting to see where it makes the most sense to introduce AI into my workflows. […]

Visual Studio Code as a Writing Tool (Premium)

I’ve long wanted to switch to Markdown for all of my writing, but I have struggled to find an editor […]

Inbox Zero (Premium)

When the pandemic started and those who could were forced to work from home, people started asking me for tips. […]

What I Use: Mexico City (March 2023) (Premium)

On Thursday, we fly home from Mexico City after a three-week stay in which my wife and I experimented with […]

We Need to Talk About Microsoft Word (Premium)

Most people find something that works and sticks with it, but I approach things a bit differently, in part because […]

What I Use: Bitwarden (Premium)

I wasn’t a LastPass user, but the recent security issues with the service were the push I needed to adopt […]

What I Use: January 2023 (Premium)

12 Jan 23 | Paul, Premium, What I Use, Windows

It’s been a while since my last look at the hardware, software, and services that I use at home and […]

Back to the iPhone? (Premium)

For the past five weeks, I’ve used the Pixel 7 Pro exclusively, but now that my review is done, it’s […]

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