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Google Issues Android 14 Developer Preview 1

08 Feb 23 | Android, Android 14, Dev, Windows

Google today released the first developer preview for Android 14, which builds on Android 12L and 13 to better support […]

Microsoft Update its .NET Language Strategy

06 Feb 23 | .NET, C#, Dev, F#, Visual Basic, Windows

Almost three years after it said that it would no longer add new features to Visual Basic, Microsoft today provided […]

Microsoft Brings Ads, More Win32 Apps to the Microsoft Store

Citing its 900 million users and rapid growth, Microsoft is now promoting the Microsoft Store in Windows as the go-to […]

.NET MAUI Gains Audio and Video Playback Support

31 Jan 23 | .NET MAUI, Dev, Windows

Microsoft today released a MediaElement control for .NET MAUI, allowing apps written to the framework to play audio and video. […]

Small Bytes: .NET MAUI Desktop Apps (Premium)

.NET MAUI is the successor to Xamarin Forms and it obviously isn’t the first cross-platform framework to target both mobile […]

Quick Update on the Next Book

28 Jan 23 | Dev, Paul, Windows

I haven’t settled on a name yet, but it looks like the next book—a technical history of Windows—will be quite […]

Google Reveals What’s Next for Flutter and Dart

25 Jan 23 | Dart, Dev, Flutter, Windows

In Nairobi for the Flutter Forward developer event, Google’s Tim Sneath revealed what’s next for the Flutter cross-platform UI toolkit […]

The Next Book

24 Jan 23 | Dev, Microsoft, Windows

I’ve been working to adapt the Programming Windows series, which is really a tech-centric history of Windows, into a book. […]