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Yes, Microsoft Will Still Block VBA Macros by Default

After a strange bit of back-and-forth, Microsoft announced that it will resume blocking VBA macros in Office by default starting […]

Microsoft Backtracks on Blocking Office VBA Macros by Default

08 Jul 22 | Cloud, Office, Office 365, Windows

Microsoft is backtracking on its plan to block all Office VBA macros obtained from the Internet by default. The company […]

Microsoft to Release New Outlook Lite App for Android This Month

Microsoft is set to release a new Outlook Lite app on Android later this month. The app will provide a […]

Microsoft Brings Redesigned to All Business and Education customers

Microsoft announced this week that it has finished rolling out its redesigned portal to business and education customers. The […]

Programming Windows: Ribbonized (Premium)

Programming Windows: Ribbonized (Premium) – Premium While Microsoft struggled to make sense of Windows Longhorn in 2005/6, the Office […]

Former Exec: Microsoft Should Spin Off Windows and Office

17 Jan 22 | Office, Windows, Windows 11

A former Microsoft executive who figured prominently in the software giant’s Internet push of the 1990s has a crazy new […]

Office LTSC is Now Available

Microsoft announced today that Office Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) for commercial customers on Windows and macOS. Office LTSC is […]

Microsoft Acknowledges a New Office File-Based Attack

08 Sep 21 | Office, Security, Windows

Microsoft has acknowledged a newly discovered vulnerability that could allow hackers to attack users with Microsoft Office files. “An attacker […]