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Android is Using AI to Fulfill the Promise of Windows Phone (Premium)

Anyone still pining away for Windows phone needs to pay attention to how Google is evolving Android with AI capabilities. […]

Ask Paul: August 17 (Premium)

17 Aug 18 | Ask Paul, Paul, Premium, Windows

After a jet-lagged week at home, here’s another set of reader questions to usher in the weekend. The post Ask […]

Replacing Windows? (Premium)

Premium Membership Includes: Full Access to content on Thurrott readers will have access to deeper, richer articles written by […]

Why Would Google Bring Windows 10 to Pixelbook? (Premium)

There have been rumors all year that Google wants to bring Windows 10 to the Pixelbook. But no one seems […]

Google Pixel 2 XL, Replaced. Again (Premium)

Despite my best efforts to time this for my return from Sweden, my second replacement Pixel 2 XL arrived on […]

Ask Paul: August 9 (Premium)

09 Aug 18 | Ask Paul, Paul, Premium, Windows

Greetings from Sweden. This week’s Ask Paul is a day early because we’re flying home tomorrow. It’s also one of […]

Google Pixel 2 XL, Round Three (Premium)

I had my Google Pixel 2 XL replaced under warranty in April. Now I’m having its replacement replaced too. The […]

What I Use: Home Swap 2018 (Premium)

05 Aug 18 | home swap, Paul, Premium, travel, Windows

After two years of detours, our 2018 home swap sees us return to our normal three-week schedule. This year, we’re […]