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Programming Windows: Reimagining Feedback (Premium)

Programming Windows: Reimagining Feedback (Premium) – Premium With the Windows 8 Developer Preview, the Windows team had finally gone […]

Ask Paul: April 22 (Premium)

22 Apr 22 | Ask Paul, Paul, Premium, Windows

Ask Paul: April 22 (Premium) – Premium Happy Friday! In addition to the usual set of excellent reader questions, […]

Programming Windows: Hello, WinRT (Premium)

Programming Windows: Hello, WinRT (Premium) – Premium To prove this, I examined the code that Charles Petzold provided for […]

Programming Windows: Anticip8 (Premium)

In 2011, Microsoft began revealing its plans for Windows 8 via a series of announcements and public demonstrations. The post […]

Programming Windows: Highs and Lows (Premium)

Programming Windows: Highs and Lows (Premium) – Premium 2010 was an interesting year for Microsoft: in the wake of […]

Back to Google Fi (Premium)

After two years with Mint Mobile, I’ve moved my phone number back to Google Fi. I’ll miss hearing from Mint […]

Programming Windows: Mark Russinovich Interview (Premium)

Programming Windows: Mark Russinovich Interview (Premium) – Premium In January 2010, I visited the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington, […]

Programming Windows: 7 (Premium)

Programming Windows: 7 (Premium) – Premium At the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2005, Bill Gates had noted that Microsoft […]