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Apple Acquires Digital Magazine Subscription Service Texture

Apple today announced its acquisition of Texture, a digital magazine subscription service. Cupertino is acquiring the makers of Texture, Next […]

Apple Working on Upgraded AirPods With Improved Siri Integration

Apple is reportedly working on two new version of its wireless AirPods headphones. The company initially launched the new AirPods […]

And It Just Hurts: Apple Employees Are Walking Into Walls

16 Feb 18 | Apple, iOS, iPhone, UX, Windows

Apple’s new spaceship campus that opened last year is one beautiful HQ. But the new campus apparently has a big […]

This Character Can Crash Almost All Apps on Apple Devices

15 Feb 18 | Apple, iOS, macOS, Windows

A new bug in Apple devices has been discovered. Engineers at Aloha Browser discovered a new character from Telugu, a […]

Apple Delays iOS Home Screen Redesign to Focus on Stability

30 Jan 18 | Apple, iOS, iOS 12, iOS 13, Mobile, Windows

In an effort to fix the disaster that is iOS 11, Apple is reportedly delaying some major features for iOS […]

Apple’s $349 Premium Siri-Powered Smart Speaker Starts Shipping February 9

Apple is getting ready to release its premium smart speaker next month. The company originally planned to release the HomePod […]

Apple to Let Users Control CPU Throttling on iPhones

18 Jan 18 | Apple, iOS, iPhone, Mobile, Windows

Apple was recently found to be intentionally slowing down older iPhone devices. The company later apologized for poor communication with […]

A $350 Billion “Contribution” to the U.S. Economy? No (Premium)

18 Jan 18 | Apple, iOS, Premium, Windows

Apple this week announced that it will repatriate almost $252 billion in cash that it holds abroad. To access this […]