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The Enshittification of Personal Technology (Premium)

Tech journalist Corey Doctorow describes the way that services move from being free to abusing their users as “enshittification,” which […]

Apple is Reportedly Working on Glucose Monitoring Technology

Apple is reportedly working on noninvasive glucose tracking technology that could eventually ship in future Apple Watch models. According to […]

It’s Decision Time for HoloLens (Premium)

With the U.S. Congress nixing a U.S. Army plan to waste another $400 million on HoloLens headsets, it’s time for […]

Microsoft Authenticator is Dropping Support for the Apple Watch

Microsoft will be pulling the plug on its Microsoft Authenticator app for the Apple Watch in January. The company explained […]

Google Delivers its Biggest-Ever Pixel Drop

Google today announced the latest Pixel drop, which brings new features to Pixel phones, Pixel Watch, and Pixel Buds. “The […]

Ecosystems Evolve (Premium)

Ecosystems Evolve (Premium) – Premium Ecosystems matter, but ecosystems can also be used to lock you into a particular […]

Google Pixel Watch Brings FitBit Features to Wear OS

Google unveiled its new Pixel Watch today alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. The Pixel Watch is the […]

Apple Watch Series 8: Decision Made

With 10 days (and nights) of usage under my belt, it’s time to decide whether I’m keeping the Apple Watch […]