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Microsoft Edge Can Now Generate Image Descriptions for Screen Readers

Microsoft Edge is now capable of generating automatic images descriptions for users browsing the web with screen readers. The accessibility […]

Forza Horizon 5 Gets Sign Language Support

In an exciting development, Microsoft revealed today that Forza Horizon 5 will get a free update that adds ASL and […]

Microsoft Highlights the Accessibility Gains in Windows 11

With the Windows 11 drama starting to finally crest, Microsoft has begun sharing more information about the new platform. Starting […]

Android Sound Notifications Can Help Those with Hearing Loss

Google announced an interesting Android accessibility feature that provides push notifications when it detects sounds around you that might need […]

Google Updated Voice Typing to Be Smarter, but It’s Malfunctioning

Google offers a lot of accessibility features on Android, and one such feature is voice typing. With voice typing, users […]

Google Brings Automatic Captioning System to Pixel 4

The Pixel 4 will debut with Google’s Live Caption feature, bringing automatic captioning to any audio or video played on […]

Microsoft Releases “Eyes First” Games

Microsoft today released four games to the Microsoft Store that rely on the eye-tracking technology built into Windows 10. They […]

Microsoft Touts Accessibility Improvements in Windows 10 Version 1903

With Windows 10 version 1903 now rolling out to all compatible PCs, Microsoft is touting the accessibility advances in this […]