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OneDrive for macOS is Now Optimized for Apple Silicon Macs

Microsoft’s OneDrive sync client for macOS can is now optimized for Apple Silicon Macs. The long-awaited native client has been […]

How to identify a font, any font, anywhere you find it

With tens of thousands of fonts in circulation, it’s tough to identify a specific font from memory, when you see […]

Apple has a ton of new releases coming in October 2021

01 Oct 21 | Apple, iOS, Mac, MacBook, macOS

September was a huge month for Apple, as it often is. It’s the month when the new iPhones are released, […]

Apple Maps lists your location incorrectly? You can report it

No map is perfect; all are approximations. But it’s galling to business owners when a modern digital map lists the […]

macOS Finder bug could reportedly let a hacker control your Mac

22 Sep 21 | Mac, macOS, MacOS Security

While macOS is a very secure operating system, malware can get through, especially if users are opening unsafe or unknown […]

How to use Terminal to securely erase free space on a Mac’s drive

If you’re selling an old Mac, a spare hard drive, or you’re just quite paranoid about your deleted data, you’re […]

macOS Big Sur: 11.6 update is now available with security patches

The newest version of the Mac operating system, macOS Big Sur, is a major upgrade with several features that users can […]

macOS Catalina: Apple releases security update

From the desert to the coast: macOS Mojave has given way to the next major version of the Mac operating […]