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Deciphering Xbox Scarlett: Anaconda, Anthem, Danta, Lockhart, Maverick, and Roma

It’s no secret that Microsoft is working on its next-generation console for an expected release in 2020. The hardware is […]

Cortana Is Getting Multi-User Voice Recognition Support

Cortana is getting support for multiple users sometime soon. Microsoft has seemingly published the setup process for the new multi-user […]

John Romero to Release Free New Levels for Original DOOM

10 Dec 18 | DOOM, video games, Windows, Xbox

John Romero announced that his new Ireland-based firm will release a set of free new single-player and multiplayer maps for […]

Microsoft Details Five New Xbox Game Pass Titles Coming This Month

Maybe it’s the holiday spirit, but Microsoft just can’t seem to stop adding new titles to Xbox Game Pass this […]

PC Gamers Can Get Most of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for Just $30

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 controversially debuted without a single player campaign. How do you feel about a version […]

The Path Ahead for Xbox (Premium)

05 Dec 18 | Premium, Windows, Xbox, Xbox One

Microsoft’s got a solid plan ahead for Xbox which will make it hard for Sony to compete on a hardware […]

Microsoft’s Building a Disc-Less Xbox One for Release in 2019

 In the wake of the news that Sony will not be attending E3 next year, Microsoft’s hardware plans for […]

Sony Won’t Be Attending E3 2019

Sony won’t be attending E3 next year. The company confirmed in a statement to Game Informer that it will be […]