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5 Steps for Securing Your Remote Workspace

04 Oct 21 | Mac, Security

With so many people still working from home, cybercriminals are trying to cash in. Cyberattacks have increased 300% and the […]

Microsoft is Investigating a Major Exchange Bug

Researchers have discovered an Exchange Autodiscover flaw that can be used to steal Windows users’ credentials. Microsoft says it is […]

How to use Terminal to securely erase free space on a Mac’s drive

If you’re selling an old Mac, a spare hard drive, or you’re just quite paranoid about your deleted data, you’re […]

Microsoft Account Goes Passwordless

Anyone with a Microsoft account can now remove their password from the account entirely to enable better security. “For the […]

Microsoft Acknowledges a New Office File-Based Attack

08 Sep 21 | Office, Security, Windows

Microsoft has acknowledged a newly discovered vulnerability that could allow hackers to attack users with Microsoft Office files. “An attacker […]

Microsoft CEO Meets with Biden, Agrees to Quadruple Cybersecurity Spending

26 Aug 21 | Cloud, Microsoft, Security, Windows

Image credit: Google After a meeting with the U.S. President, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has agreed to quadruple cybersecurity spending […]

T-Mobile Admits to Data Hack of Almost 50 Million Customers

T-Mobile has admitted to the theft of personal data from about 7.8 million current and over 40 million former and […]

Microsoft Tries, Again, to Get in Front of Printing Vulnerabilities

11 Aug 21 | printing, Security, Windows

After a couple of months of struggling to figure out a string of printing-related vulnerabilities, Microsoft thinks it has found […]