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First Ring Daily Live: Learning to Pro-nounce

On today’s live episode of First Ring Daily, Brad pronounces a codename correctly, Paul yells at an assistant, and we […]

The Sams Report: The Display Possibility

On this episode of the Sams Report, Microsoft has gone on a shopping trip, Xbox and Nintendo are friends, and […]

Windows Weekly 575: COD Cake

Leo, Mary Jo, and I discuss the April 2018 Update rollout, Microsoft’s buying spree, tons of Office 365 news, and […]

First Ring Daily 436: Falling off the Show notes Boat

On today’s episode of First Ring Daily, we forget to follow the show notes and nothing is everything once again. […]

First Ring Daily 435: Boating on Yesterday’s Silence

On today’s episode of First Ring Daily, Norway is sunny, Paul might go on a boat, and Brad explains the […]

Google Podcasts is Live

Google has released its new Podcasts app globally to the Play Store, giving Android users another option for listening to […]

First Ring Daily 434: Candy in an Hour

On today’s episode of First Ring Daily, Brad looks at ordering candy, Paul hopes for a positive test, and the […]

Hands-On with Google Podcasts

UPDATE: The actual app is available now. –Paul There’s no official announcement yet, but Google Podcasts is now available. You […]