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Windows App SDK 1.1 Due By Mid-2022

test Microsoft quietly revealed that it will ship Windows App SDK 1.1 by mid-year, with multi-window and push notification support […]

Microsoft Finalizes the Windows App SDK

Microsoft has quietly finalized the Windows App SDK, which seeks to reunite Windows desktop and mobile developers. “Windows App SDK […]

Project Reunion 0.5 is Now Available

Microsoft announced today that Project Reunion 0.5 is now available with a focus on making it easier to create modern […]

WinUI 3 is Delayed to Spring 2021

With the release today of WinUI 3 Preview 2, Microsoft has effectively delayed the final release from November 2020 to […]

Reassessing Project Reunion (Premium)

Reassessing Project Reunion (Premium) – Premium Like some real developers, I’ve gone through what I call the three stages […]

Understanding Project Reunion (Premium)

Understanding Project Reunion (Premium) – Premium For the past few years, I’ve hoped that Build would finally provide a […]

Reunited and it Feels So Good (Premium)

Reunited and it Feels So Good (Premium) – Premium In 2012, Microsoft divided its developer community when it introduced […]