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Google Lowers More Play Store Developer Fees

Unlike Apple, Google has seen the light: It is dramatically lowering the fees that it charges for subscription and media […]

DOJ to Launch New Antitrust Case Against Google

02 Sep 21 | Antitrust, Google, Windows

Multiple reports state that the U.S. Department of Justice will announce a new antitrust lawsuit against Google by the end […]

Lying Liars Who Lie (Premium)

I appreciate many Apple and Google products and services, but their stance on mobile app store fees isn’t just wrong, […]

South Korea Approves New IAP Law

As expected, South Korea has approved the Telecommunications Business Act, which will require Apple and Google to offer third-party payment […]

Google Delays IAP Requirement After Antitrust Suit

17 Jul 21 | Android, Antitrust, Dev, Google, Windows

What a difference an antitrust lawsuit makes. Google on Friday said it would delay the implementation of Play Store requirements […]

U.S. Government Moves to Take on Big Tech

Photo credit: Paul Thurrott Lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives today introduced several bipartisan bills aimed at curbing and […]

EU, UK Launch New Antitrust Probes of Facebook

04 Jun 21 | Antitrust, Facebook, Social, Windows

The European Union and the United Kingdom have launched separate investigations into whether Facebook illegally abuses its market power related […]

Tile Testifies Against Apple in Antitrust Case

Fresh off the AirTag announcement, Tile general counsel Kirsten Daru testified against Apple this week at a federal antitrust hearing […]