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Google Tweaks Search for Timely Topics

Google today announced that it will tweak Search results when a developing issue is happening so that users understand things […]

DuckDuckGo’s Browser Extension Blocks FLoC Now

DuckDuckGo announced yesterday that it has updated its web browser extension to block Google’s new FLoC tracking method in Chrome. […]

Google Threatens to Pull Search From Australia

Faced with new legislation in Australia that would force it to pay for news stories it now scrapes for free, […]

Apple Allegedly Developing Alternative to Google Search

A new report claims that Apple is working to create an alternative to Google Search for use on the iPhone […]

Premature Regulation: DOJ to File Antitrust Charges Against Google

The U.S. Department of Justice has been ordered by Attorney General William Barr to file antitrust charges against Google as […]

Google Deal Should Keep Mozilla Afloat for Years

Mozilla has extended its search deal with Google for five years and will receive over $400 million each year for […]

Google Images Will Soon Show You More Details About Pictures at a Glance

Google has been working quite a lot on Google Images lately. The company introduced a major update to Google Images […]

Google to Rethink New Search Redesign Following Backlash

24 Jan 20 | Google, Google Search, Windows

Earlier this month, Google introduced a major change to the search results design. The company brought the changes it made […]