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Android is Using AI to Fulfill the Promise of Windows Phone (Premium)

Anyone still pining away for Windows phone needs to pay attention to how Google is evolving Android with AI capabilities. […]

Android 9 Pie Feature Focus: Overview Selection

Android 9 Pie contains a number of small new features that together add up to create a more productive environment. […]

Android 9 Pie Feature Focus: Adaptive Brightness

Android 9 Pie has a feature called Adaptive Brightness that’s a bit like auto-brightness on steroids. AI steroids. “Most modern […]

Google Digital Wellbeing Now Available in Beta

Those lucky enough to be running Android 9 Pie already—basically Pixel and Essential owners—now have access to the beta version […]

Android 9 Pie Feature Focus: Adaptive Battery

Android 9 Pie includes a new feature called Adaptive Battery that works alongside the battery life technologies that debuted in […]

OnePlus Announces Android P Update for OnePlus 3/3T

Android P is almost ready for public release. Google has been testing the next update to Android with some of […]

Android P Is Almost Ready

25 Jul 18 | Android, Android P, Google, Windows

It’s that time of the year: a major Android update is around the corner. Google today released the 4th beta […]

Google Could Be Preparing Major Redesigns for All Its Apps

Google seems to be cooking up a major revamp of all its apps. The company has been working on revamping […]