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Magic Keyboard vs. Smart Keyboard: Which is right for your iPad?

The iPad is more like a laptop than ever before. For the iPad Pro and newest iPad Air, Apple sells […]

Apple hits another low note with the App Store

27 Jul 21 | iOS, iOS 14, iPad Pro, iPadOS 14, Mac

Apple has done it again. Is it “make a lot of money”? Uh, probably. It never stops doing that (see […]

Best iPad 2021: Can mini-LED and an M1 top the Air?

If you’re looking for a new iPad, there are a lot of choices. Apple sells more iPads than Macs these […]

When it comes to Apple reviews, bias is as bias does

13 Jul 21 | iOS, iPad, iPad Pro, iPadOS 14, Mac

One proven axiom of bias is that it is always in others, never in ourselves. That’s just science. On July […]

Best iPad 2021: Wait for the Pro if you want the best

If you’re looking for a new iPad, you have no shortage of options. Apple makes as many iPads these days […]

iPad Pro’s New Magic Keyboard Now Available Earlier Than Expected

Apple introduced the new iPad Pro last month along with a new Magic Keyboard for the device. At the time, […]

Apple Unveils Upgraded iPad Pro With Trackpad Support

18 Mar 20 | Apple, iOS, iPad Pro, Mobile, Windows

It’s happening. Apple’s iPad Pro is finally getting a keyboard with a trackpad. Cupertino just unveiled a major upgrade to […]

Apple to Release iPadOS 13.4 Next Week With Full Mouse and Trackpad Support

Apple revealed its upgraded iPad Pro line today, and the big new feature is a new Magic Keyboard with a […]