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Google Required 2SV and Account Compromises Fell by 50 Percent

Google revealed today that a recent initiative to require customers to enable 2-Step Verification (2SV) has been incredibly successful: among […]

Google Updates the Chrome Icon

06 Feb 22 | Google Chrome, Windows

For the first time in eight years, Google is changing the icon for Chrome, its flagship web browser. The differences, […]

Microsoft Edges Tries to Convince Users Not to Download Chrome

The old joke is that Microsoft Edge, like Internet Explorer before it, is only used once by most users, to […]

Google’s Privacy Sandbox to Get Regulatory Oversight

Google has agreed to create its upcoming Privacy Sandbox “with regulatory oversight and input” from the UK Competition and Markets […]

Momentum Plus Adds Soundscapes

While traveling this past week, I noticed that Momentum Plus, the paid New Tab extension that I use, added a […]

Google Announces New Timeline for Privacy Sandbox

This evening, Google announced a new and more detailed timeline for implementing its Privacy Sandbox, which includes FLoC and Fledge. […]

Google Releases Chrome 92

20 Jul 21 | Google Chrome, Windows

Google announced the release of Chrome 92 today, which arrives with new privacy protection and battery-saving features. “For most people, […]

Visual Studio Code Now Includes Built-In JavaScript Debugging

Extensibility is one of the key advantages of Visual Studio Code, but JavaScript debugging is so common that Microsoft now […]