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The WPF Notepad Project: Font Dialog (Premium)

Posted March 21, 2020 | Dev | Premium | The WPF Notepad Project | Windows | Windows 10

We used XAML early on in this series to construct the main application window for .NETpad, which is, by nature very simple. But we’ll also use XAML to various build some custom dialogs, starting with the Font dialog. Among other things, these custom dialogs will give us a chance to install .NETpad with a bit more of a modern flavor. Take it a step beyond being a basic desktop application.

I’m happy about that. One of my goals with the WPF version of .NETpad is to bridge past with the present, and so all of the windows we’re creating in WPF purposefully embrace this framework’s resolution independence and display scaling capabilities. And in the custom dialogs, the controls I’m using, like buttons, are bigger than what you’d typically see in a legacy desktop application and are perhaps a bit more similarly sized to controls in mobile Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. That’s by design.

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