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The Next Version of Android Will Support iPhone X-Like Notches

Posted February 12, 2018 | Android | Android P | iPhone X | Mobile | Windows

Shortly after shipping Android Oreo 8.1, Google started working on the next version of its OS: Android P. Bloomberg today reported that the next version of Android is internally known as Pistachio, revealing some new details about the new update.

Android P will reportedly include support for new types of displays, the report claimed. Google is apparently going to be embracing notches like the one on the iPhone X with Android P, adding built-in support for devices that include a notch on the top The change is part of Google’s strategy to attract more iPhone customers to switch to Android, and the search giant is also working on adding built-in support for devices that come with multiple screens and foldable displays.

Support for foldable displays will be crucial for companies like Samsung, as the company is working on introducing a phone with a foldable display next year. It’s unlikely Samsung will embrace the notch on any of its future Galaxy smartphones as the company mocked the iPhone X’s notch in the past. But the design of Google’s Pixel line of smartphones are unnoticeably similar to the iPhone, so don’t be too surprised if future Pixel phones do come with a notch. Personally, the notch on my iPhone X isn’t a problem at all, although Paul found it to be intruding.

Bloomberg reports that Android P is also supposed to include better Assistant integration, with Google currently experimenting with integrating the technology into third-party apps. Much of what’s coming with Android P is obviously unknown at this point in time, though it’s likely going to be much of a bigger update than last year’s Oreo update. Google will be revealing more about Android P this May at its I/O conference, which kicks off at almost the same time as Microsoft’s Build 2018 conference.

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