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Stardock Releases Start11 v1.1

Posted January 12, 2022 | Stardock | Start11 | Windows | Windows 11

Stardock today released Start11 v1.1 for Windows 10/11 with support for folders, app icon configuration, and other new features.

“Since Microsoft released Windows 11, we have continued to optimize Start11 for the new operating system,” Stardock’s Brad Sams said. “One of our priorities in v1.1 was bringing folder functionality to the Windows 11 style menu and enhancing integration with our most popular application, Fences”.

Here’s what’s new in Start11 v1.1:

Folders. You can now create and modify folders in the Windows 10- and 11-style Start menus.

Icon editing. You can now more easily edit the icon for an app icon by right-clicking it.

Fences integration. You can now add fences directly into the Start menu, creating another layer of personalization for the desktop.

Import original Start menu. For those installing Start11 for the first time on Windows 10, you can now import your previous stock Start menu, including all existing folders.

Start menu lock. A new “lock” feature makes sure your icons stay right where you want them.

Start11 is $5.99 with upgrading pricing for Start8 and Start10 customers. You can learn more here.

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