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Microsoft Rebrands MSN News As Microsoft News, Launches New Mobile Apps

Posted June 20, 2018 | Microsoft | Microsoft News | MSN News | Windows

Microsoft is announcing a big upgrade to its news platform — MSN News. The company is dropping the MSN branding, rebranding the platform to Microsoft News. Microsoft is launching new apps for Android and iOS to accompany the new brand, too.

The new Microsoft News apps on Android and iOS have been “redesigned” completely, according to the company. The new apps feature personalization upgrades powered by AI that will deliver news based on your interests and your local area. The update also brings a new dark theme, simplified widgets for both the operating systems, a new continuous reading experience, and increased control over breaking news alerts. Even though Microsoft is marketing the new apps as a complete redesign, it’s still identical to the MSN News apps. If you have used the MSN News apps before, the experience will feel incredibly similar. In fact, it doesn’t feel like a redesign at all.

It’s not clear why exactly Microsoft is dropping the MSN branding here — but since the platform powers the news feed on Microsoft Edge, the news app in Windows 10, as well as on Skype and, the Microsoft branding certainly makes much more sense. Like Google, Microsoft says the company is heavily investing in the industry to help support the publishing ecosystem and deliver quality journalism, with more than 800 editors working to curate news on the platform every day.

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