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Microsoft Brings Immersive Reader Tools to Virtual Reality

Posted January 22, 2019 | Immersive Reader | Microsoft | Microsoft Education | Windows

As part of its latest Education push, Microsoft is bringing Immersive Reader to virtual reality. The company showed off Immersive Reader for VR at BETT UK, demonstrating how users can use the Immersive Reader tools with their virtual reality headsets.

Immersive Reader is a collection of tools that are built to help increase fluency for readers learning a new language. But more importantly, it helps users that suffer from dyslexia, or have reading difficulties.

Bringing Immersive Reader to VR means you will now be able to use the same tools but in VR. Microsoft says the tool coming to VR will benefit “anyone who requires additional focus while reading” but there isn’t any VR-focused experiences or tools. You effectively get the same experience as using Immersive Reader tools on a regular app like OneNote.

Microsoft is also partnering with VictoryVR to give schools 25 hours of standards-aligned virtual reality curricula across subjects for free when they buy a Windows VR headset. The software giant is also transferring the research and tech behind Code Jumper, a physical programming language built on Microsoft Research’s Project Torino used to help introduce the idea of programming and coding to children who are blind or have low vision.

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