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Microsoft Appears to be Rebranding Bing

Posted August 29, 2020 | Bing + MSN | Windows

After months of hints that it was rebranding its search service, Microsoft seems to be moving forward with a new brand, Microsoft Bing.

There’s no announcement, at least so far, but it appears that Microsoft has either expanded what appears to be A/B testing—where some people see the old Bing brand and logo and some see Microsoft Bing—or has completely switched to the new style.

Previously, I would see the Microsoft logo and “Microsoft Bing” on secondary Bing pages but Bing, with the old logo, on the Bing home page. But as others are seeing as well, the new brand and logo appear to have made their way to the Bing home page now too.

I think this is a smart move, and it has some precedent. Microsoft is a much better brand than Bing, and its one of the most respected and trusted brands in the world, more so than, say, Google. And Microsoft has deemphasized its subbrands in the past, making this part of a trend: The firm replaced Surface branding on its PCs with Microsoft branding, for example, and is renaming Office 365 to Microsoft 365.

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