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Grammarly is Heading to Work

Posted October 10, 2019 | Cloud | Grammarly | Windows

Grammarly CEO Brad Hoover and General Catalyst managing director Hemant Taneja

Grammarly, which makes an AI-powered digital writing assistant, announced that it has secured $90 million in its latest round of funding. With this new investment, Grammarly says it will continue to advance its cutting-edge technology to further build out the communication capabilities of its assistant for individuals and, now, businesses too.

“Communication is a fundamental human need that helps us all connect and thrive,” Grammarly CEO Brad Hoover says. “But effective communication requires talent and time, and it can be very challenging. Grammarly’s AI fills this gap by empowering people worldwide—both native and non-native English writers, for personal, professional, and academic reasons—to communicate clearly and effectively.”

Grammarly was founded in 2009, and the company reports that it’s been profitable since 2011. Its online writing tools, available in web browsers, applications, and in mobile keyboards, have become essential to the firm’s 20+ million users, which rely on Grammarly every day. Over time, the products have advanced to include not just spelling and grammar checking, but also such things as clarity, consistency writing tone, and more.

With this latest investment from returning investor General Catalyst and other returning and new investors, Grammarly will expand to support businesses of all sizes, and it’s planning a new product that it says will facilitate strong and consistent professional writing across entire teams.

“We first invested in Grammarly to help them evolve into a platform that could improve written communication everywhere it happens,” General Catalyst managing director Hemant Taneja says. “The company’s ability to attract the talent needed to grow that platform continues to impress us, and today we’re excited to increase our investment to achieve their worthy mission.”

You can learn more about Grammarly on its website.

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