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Google’s Giving More Prominence to Pixel’s Night Sight Camera Feature

Posted July 4, 2019 | Android | Google | Hardware | Night Sight | Pixel | Windows

Google’s Night Sight feature that allows you to take better low-light pictures without using the flash is finally getting some love. When the feature first launched, it was integrated into the camera app, but hidden within the “more” section where you chose between the camera modes.

Google still showed a suggestion for users to try the night sight mode in the normal camera mode, but it was still harder to get to whenever you wanted to take a quick shot.

Google is finally changing that, according to 9to5Google, who got access to a newer version of the Camera app through a leaked Android Q build. The new camera app puts Night Sight alongside the other important modes, like Portrait, Video, and the regular camera mode.

Night Sight is replacing Panorama on the list, which has now swapped places with Night Sight in the More section. The new camera app also comes with improvement for the Portrait mode’s front-facing Flash feature, which has now been renamed to Illumination.

Moving Night Sight and giving it more prominence makes a lot of sense because you are more likely to use the mode over Panorama, something most people rarely ever use. Plus, Night Sight has been a highlight feature in the latest Pixel phones, so I am not sure why it was tucked away, to begin with.

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