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Enough Already: First Steps (Premium)

Posted August 26, 2022 | Ads | Advertising | Android | Cloud | Enough Already | iOS | iPadOS | Mobile | Music + Videos | Premium | Windows

On Tuesday morning, I did what I do every morning: I made a cup of espresso I barely even enjoy anymore and sat down in the sunroom to read the news before walking the dog. This typically involves scanning the front page and most popular sections of The New York Times, the tech headlines in Google News, my Google discovery news feed, and, if there’s enough time, the news feed in Brave, in that order.

Each of these mobile apps is unique in its own way, but each suffers from the same problem: the articles they display are riddled with ads. Most are web-based, and if you’ve visited the web on mobile lately, where ad blockers are rare, especially inside of mobile apps, you have surely noticed how ads have multiplied and become far more annoying in recent months.

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