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Vivaldi 3.2 for Android Offers Improve UX, Anti-Tracker, and Ad Blocking

Vivaldi today announced the release of Vivaldi 3.2 for Android, which provides a more consistent UX along with improvements to […]

Vivaldi Takes a Stand on Tracking, Privacy, and Ads

22 Apr 20 | Vivaldi, Web browsers, Windows

Vivaldi has released a major new version of its web browser with new tracking and ad blockers, plus its first-ever […]

Vivaldi 2.10 Improves Site Compatibility, Themes

23 Dec 19 | Vivaldi, Web browsers, Windows

Vivaldi is another great web browser that should be part of the conversation about the move away from Google Chrome. […]

Vivaldi Finally Launches Mobile Browser

Alternative web browser maker has finally launched the first mobile version of its product, on Android, in beta form. “Our […]

Vivaldi Says Google Abuses Its Monopoly Power

05 Sep 17 | Chrome, Cloud, Google, Vivaldi, Windows

In a missive that echoes Kaspersky Labs’ complaints against Microsoft, Vivaldi co-founder and CEO Jon von Tetzchner has called on […]