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When S%^t Don’t Work (Premium)

I don’t mean to go off on a rant here, but I’ve always been frustrated by technology that doesn’t work. […]

iMac 2019 release date, UK price, features, specifications

18 Dec 18 | Mac

It’s been over a year since the iMac was updated, with Apple not enhancing the all-in-one Mac at all in […]

Google Gets a Whole Lot Better at Detecting Delayed Flights

Google is introducing some serious improvements to its flight tracking system. The company introduced the ability to know if your […]

Lenovo Introduces New ThinkPad Devices With Intel Whiskey Lake Chips

Lenovo is today introducing the new ThinkPad L390 and the L390 Yoga devices today. Both the devices are the company’s latest […]

First Ring Daily 529: Hues of Xbox

On this episode of First RIng Daily, Brad talks about all the Xbox codenames, Paul fights with a lightbulb, and […]

Deciphering Xbox Scarlett: Anaconda, Anthem, Danta, Lockhart, Maverick, and Roma

It’s no secret that Microsoft is working on its next-generation console for an expected release in 2020. The hardware is […]

Xbox One is $100 Off. Again.

Microsoft is once again offering $100 off any Xbox One S or Xbox One X bundle. So if you haven’t […]

It’s the Web Browser, Stupid (Premium)

In evaluating Windows 10 on ARM again thanks to the Snapdragon 850-based Lenovo Yoga C630, its Achilles Heel is clear. […]