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Ducati’s just posted a recall with the NHSTA for certain 2016-2018 Hyperstrada / Hypermotard models, with 1% (or 1,586) total units affected – and the wee problem has to do with an oil cooler hose, for which the company will add a dedicated spacer. 

 According to the NHSTA Part 573 Safety Recall Report , “…the oil cooler hoses could be damaged and cause an oil leak. The oil leaking could drip on the rear tire increasing the risk of crash or injury” (though Ducati has never received reports of crash or injuries). Hydraulic Cooler

The offending bits are purportedly kept out of the way with a clamp, which may or may not be the correct distance away; if not, rubbing and potential damage could occur. 

Should you be in possession of a  2016-2018 Ducati Hyperstrada 939, Hypermotard 939 / 939 SP, look out for traces of oil on the floor where the bike is parked; it could be a sign of oil seeping from a cooler hose. 

A total of 19 worldwide cases have been reported (none involving crashes), with the relevant VIN number ranges affected:

ZDM1YBJSXGB012054 to ZDM1YBJS3JB013909

ZDM1YBJS9GB012028 to ZDM1YBJS3JB013909

ZDM1YBJS4GB012034 to ZDM1YBJS9JB013915

“Ducati North America will notify dealers and owners of this recall in accordance with the notification schedule,” continues the report. 

“Dealers will be instructed to install an oil cooler hoses spacer, free of charge, per Ducati North America Recall Bulletins, which will be published to the Ducati Dealer Network using the established communication process.”

“Requests for reimbursement for pre-notification repairs will be considered in accordance with Ducati’s general reimbursement plan on file with the agency.”

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