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Adobe Previews AI Video in Firefly

Posted April 17, 2023 | Adobe | Adobe Firefly | AI | Artificial Intelligence | Cloud | Music + Videos | Windows

Last month, Adobe announced Firefly, a new family of responsible generative AI products and services, starting with licensable still images. Today, the firm announced that it will bring its generative AI capabilities to its video, audio, animation, and motion graphics design apps. And it is specifically highlighting its plans for video.

“With Firefly as a creative co-pilot, you can supercharge your discovery and ideation processes and cut post-production time from days to minutes,” Adobe’s Ashley Still writes. “And with generative AI integrated directly into your workflows, these powerful new capabilities will be right at your fingertips. Imagine the power to instantly change the time of day of a video, automatically annotate and find relevant b-roll, or create limitless variations of clips — all as a starting point of your creativity.”

For now, you will have to imagine this as none of these capabilities are available today. But Adobe is exploring a wide range of options, including text-to-color enhancements by which a videographer could change color schemes, time of day, or seasons in pre-recorded video; easily generate royalty-free custom sounds and music; use text to create unique fonts, text effects, graphics, and logos; and accelerate pre-production, production and post-production workflows using AI script analysis to automatically create storyboards and previsualizations and recommend b-roll clips for rough or final cuts. Adobe says it will also create “co-pilots” that will deliver personalized how-to’s.

These capabilities won’t start appearing until “later this year,” Adobe says, but you can sign-up for the Firefly beta today and get started with its image-creation capabilities in the meantime.

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